It’s official! I’m a forever student!

My name’s Meg and for some bizarre reason I’ve decided that whilst working full-time, I want to study for my PhD in Marketing. Honestly, I get so many questions as to why on earth I do so much – I’ve worked two jobs in the last two years whilst I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees so honestly the answer is that I have no clue I can’t wait to get started! 

My PhD is going to be based on the ways in which we use social media – but it’s going to be so much more than that. Online communication using social platforms is such an integrated part of our lifestyle today; we are all included in a group chat on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, or are DMing to someone on Twitter or Instagram. The question I want the answer to is how we converse in the online communities we’re in and whether the open communication that we have as subcultures have an impact on perspectives of not only other online communities, but a wider society that don’t align with the subcultures that they see on the internet.  

I’m so excited to start this project because as I go on, I hope to discover how we create our own narratives, how social media is integrated in creating a narrative in the 21st century, the power of the influencer and how social media has created a platform of cross communication amongst different subcultures that breaks geographical parameters.  

Although my blog is going to be mainly focused on my research, I’ll also be discussing important topics of student life as well, such as wellbeing and adjusting to a student lifestyle (I should know, I’ve done 5 years of it now!). 

I also get to put the oomph into my social media campaign that I did for my master’s degree. I’m giving it a full rebranding and changing the strategy completely which will help me a million with ethnographic analysis as well as creating a new campaign about something that I care deeply about. As soon as I finish the rebranding guidelines, I’ll be doing a whole blog post on Kaleidoscope and how I’ve come to develop it to a whole new campaign that I adore. 

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