Getting back into the shark tank of terminology!

I don’t know about you but the thought of going back to uni and doing my research was a mixture of emotions. I mean obviously I’m super excited to be going back and actually conduct my own research and finding new ways to innovate the marketing world; but what I’m nervous about is re-teaching my brain the uni way of talking, writing and explaining. Again, I don’t know about anyone else, but the thought of getting back into the shark tank of terminology brought me out into a cold sweat. 

There’s no way of explaining the feeling of looking at words that you have seen before but forgotten the meaning and the feeling of seeing brand new words that look like they’ve just been created by an academic for the purpose of throwing you off. It honestly felt like I was swimming in terminology infested waters, and I was about to be taken alive. The only possible way to get through it is to bite the bullet and learn it all.  

This was inevitable obstacle number 1 and even though I hope that it’s the only major one, knowing that it won’t be is slightly scary but also gives me the drive to move forward with learning all new things which I can not only with my research, but in my own self-development as well.  

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